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My husband's favorite hobby since he was 15, is photography, he has spent a lot of his time capturing images of our land, our people and their customs. Beaches, hills, flowers, typical dishes, festivities, churches; have all been models and have been left on this record forever.

We have many treasured photos that we want to share and use in our designs for you.

We wanted to relive what being Salvadoran is all about, looking in the everyday details, the happy memories, that nostalgic shelter for us. Keeping those memories in your and how they make you feel, is our purpose.

We started as a project of friends with common interests. Our first designs were made with people in our community, we try to get all the materials locally. We are sure that we can contribute to employment opportunities and improve the quality of life of all of us involved in the development of our products.

Today we live in a context of great opportunities, to reinvent ourselves in looking for new ways of working, with which we make our project prosper. We are strengthening the business so that we can give you a better quality, treat our suppliers fairly and grow together, to reach new markets.

«Our cultural handicrafts higlight the artistic photography on the Salvadorian daily life, fused in the textile fabric, to be transformed into functional or decorative items»

Papaki's Purpose

To manufacture and sell Salvadoran products with innovative and different designs that make you experience the joy of living the extraordinary of our culture. We want to create high quality products that people can treasure and enjoy. A bit of El Salvador that we can take with us or that we can treat to those who are far away.

Our Values

  • We don't believe in wastefulness and contributing to more waste. That's why we want something done well and with good materials so that it can last a long time.
  • We believe that the value of what we create reaches everyone who participated in the process. We want those who help create with their hands and their creativity to receive the results. That's why we want to make a business where, in order to reach the right price, the value of that work is not sacrificed. We want to make the supply chain between those who do it and our final customer shorter and easier. By saving with creativity, finding economical and agile solutions to our costs after manufacturing.
  • We believe that what gives people the most dignity is their work, the certainty that it will be appreciated to put love and dedication to what they do.
  • We want our business to be reliable and to perform as a good part of our society. We believe that you can be competitive even if you comply with your tax obligations.

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